Building and Grounds

 St. Paul’s Parish is an 11,000-square-foot facility sitting on a 5.25-acre parcel in historic Brookfield, Connecticut. The site is on Route 25 (Whisconier Road), and is easily accessible from routes 84 and 7, just 55 miles from New York City.  

Our sanctuary seats 125 people, and our recently renovated meeting hall can accommodate 150 people. Parking allows for 80 cars, and supplemental parking can hold an additional 60 cars.  

Three offices serve well to perform parish administration and counseling, and a large conference room is available for vestry and other important meetings.  

In addition, there are four sunday school classrooms, nursery and restroom.

The church’s meeting hall is equipped with a modern kitchen with ample capacity to provide food and refreshments for events.  

Centered on our campus is a Memorial Garden, carefully manicured and cared for to provide a serene and tranquil setting.