Our Mission

To create a place where lives can be healed and transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:

By God's grace, we long to see St. Paul's as a vibrant fellowship of Christ followers equipped and inspired to live out their faith with love and faithful service, and with purpose, telling others the Good News of Jesus Christ through their words and actions.

Our Commitments:
  • To preach and teach biblical based truths to equip parishioners to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. The Holy Scriptures and the Creeds ground our belief and practice. The scriptures are God's revelation that was passed on through the apostles and embraced by the church down through the ages. They provide us with timeless wisdom that can reorient our lives - our minds, our hearts, and our actions - as we engage in our world.
  • To facilitate worship services that are steeped in The Book of Common Prayer and are intended first and foremost to glorify God in Jesus Christ, using both traditional and contemporary worship music.
  • To discover our gifts and empower members to be ministers of Christ's church in the world.
  • To engage in Evangelism and outreach both locally and globally in fulfillment of the Great Commission through prayer, giving, and serving. God is at work in all the world - in our families, our neighborhoods, our nation, and across the seas. We join God's work by serving people in practical ways and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.